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Best Shan Co.,Ltd is a world class fancy yarn company established in Taiwan in 1992. In 2000, a research and development center and factory was opened in Shanghai, China. Since then our business in the high quality fancy yarn market has grown throughout the world. Best Shan offers industrial knitting yarns spun primarily of natural fibers including: kid mohair from South Africa, baby alpaca from South America, wool from Australia and New Zealand, silk, long-staple cotton, and hemp from China. We also use a variety of eco-friendly raw materials such as Wasii paper from Japan and functional fibers such as Slarit nylon paper from ASAHI KASEI, Japan, coolmax from DuPont, thermolite from DuPont, and outlast from the US. Cotton tape yarns are also one of our specializations.

Best Shan has always advocated environmental sustainability and seeks to develop eco-friendly products and manufacturing techniques. We have invested in a large scale solar generator system to support factory electricity demand and also use many eco-friendly fibers in our collections. Each season we track and interpret the latest fashion trends from the global fashion markets and sell our products to countries around the world, including Europe, USA, Japan, and China.

Best Shan maintains innovative and creative product development which is based on our original spirit: continuous improvement. Our goal is to serve our customer's needs with strictest quality control and customer-first attitude.

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