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Technical data


SLARIT-3MM:Nm 1/17 is suit for 7 gauge 1 ply

SLARIT-5MM:Nm 1/10 is suit for 5 gauge 1 ply

SLARIT-10MM:Nm 1/5 is suit for 3 gauge 1 ply


Do not wax or re-spool this yarn,it will change the shape of the material.

For this yarn,we recommend using hand knit machine instead of automatic machine.

At the beginning of knitting,test panels should be made first and when problems are noticed,stop knitting immediately and inform us right away.if the advice is not followed,only 5kg of yarn will be paid as claim.                      

On the color card,the black spot behind the color number indicates this color will have stock service.For other color's stock level and minimum,please contact our sales department.


Wash with clean water at 30℃.If using softener,be careful to ensure it will not damage the color.The softener needs to be tested before use.If softener is used without being tested first,then we will not be held liable.For striped garments no wet finishing is allowed.If necessary,please use after conducting test trials first.


Cone dyed,minimum per color is 30kg.If order is below 30kg,then an additional cost may be applied.Raw white yarns stock are available.   


Considering the unique feature of this yarn,4-5% waste should be considered normal.





* Slarit Nylon

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