FALL / WINTER 2024- 2025


Technical data


Nm 1/8 is suit for 7gauge 1 ply

Nm 1/13 is suit for 9 gauge 1 ply


We recommend re-waxing the yarn before knitting if the yarn is knitted after 20 days from the delivery date.                  

At the beginning of knitting,test panels should be made first and when problems are noticed,stop knitting immediately and inform us right away.if the advice is not followed,only 5kg of yarn will be paid as claim.                        

On the color card,the black spot behind the color number indicates this color will have stock service.For other color's stock level and minimum,please contact our sales department.


To enhance the hand feel and achieve its own characteristic effect.we recommend washing in 30 water with softener for 2 min.For striped garments no wet finishing is allowed.If necessary,please use after conducting test trials.


Top dyed.Minimum per color is 200kg,if order is below 200kg,then an additional cost may be applied.  

Yarn dyed will change the hand feel,please confirm before bulk order.Minimum per color is 10kg,if order is below 10kg,then an additional cost may be applied.     

Special instruction

To reduce the problem of uneven shade,we suggest two or more thread guides to be used when knitting.If only one thread guide is used,certain parts of the knitted swatches may be considered as waste.       


Considering the unique feature of this yarn,5-6% waste should be considered normal.





* Wool Merino

* Nylon

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